More Feds Exposed By OBS Affiliate

More Feds Exposed By OBS Affiliate

Surrounded by Shills / Cointelpro: White Hate (New FBI voicemail & video)

View Surrounded by Shills / Cointelpro: White Hate (New FBI voicemail & video) on Odysee

   OBS Affiliate Dream Eskimo shines light on more undercover FBI compatriots in the NatSoc sphere. Although everyone’s not in agreement with his perceptions all the time, his most recent video is hard to ignore. From what I’ve gathered, the doorbell cam has much more than the limited context offered here by way of substantiation, but there are concerns about doxxing individuals that would prefer not to get involved. It’s legit, the kid killed it.

   This proves once more that this blanket Alt-Right is nothing more than a governmental creation of epic proportions. Beginning with Richard Spencer and Paul Gottfried, these modern units offered to us by way of various fringe social media platforms are trap doors and tools of the men who move at night. For Pete’s sake, look at the nose on one Rinaldo Nizarro, head of the now defunct The Base. One can say, “You can’t make this stuff up!” In actuality, yes you can. Because someone did.

   I took the time to read through the referenced Cointelpro White Hate undisclosed document. 10 pages in and I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Of all the casual shit posters online declaring “Hail Hitler”, I would be skeptical if even 5% of them have an inkling about how modern intelligence gathering and subversion works. The document is a no-nonsense, straight to the point standard for operating procedures. If simply followed by our Jewish-run institutions today, the white power movement is little more than a cat playing with its captured mouse.

   Optimally this video would drop with thousands of views. The lack of endorsement and purveyance by other movements out there draws red flags, but after conversing with Dream Eskimo, he concedes many orgs out there avoid open endorsement of his work for diplomacy reasons. He is not one without political opponents in every category. Even still, I must wonder how many larger troupes out there would rather just brush this information under the rug…

   I want to extend a thanks to Dream for helping teach me the ropes on the digital scape.


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