Sophia Rosing protest

Sophia Rosing protest

Homo erectus upset.

Ohio Active Club, Tennessee Active Club, and members of OBS affiliate Vinland Rebels visited the courthouse overseeing the case against Sophia Rosing. Sophia, the silly Kentucky college student doing drunk things, is getting the book thrown at her currently for her racial rhetoric during a drunk.

I don’t see the big deal with all this. She called a nigger a nigger.

Check out the monkey’s acting skills. ^

Which, somewhat separately, goes to show you that hate crime laws are simply anti-white laws. It’s already illegal to assault a person. Compounding charges with discriminatory motives, as if Uncle Sam can see inside someone’s head, is simply put an anti-white policy, since of course no one’s charges are enhanced for saying honkey while smacking up a white chick.

From the warped perspective of the masses, Kentucky already dropped the ball by not throwing the book at the cops who shot Breonna Taylor right away. Remember all those fucking niggers in Kentucky with their own personal George Floyd they used as a reason to do a little looting? Lexington law wants to show a little teeth here, for public image points.

Point is, Sophia’s got rich parents, a good lawyer, so she’ll likely be fine. But whatever she gets will be beyond what she deserves. Absent the language, that was a typical Jersey girl night in the drunk tank with a fine for ‘disorderly’.

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