Order of the Black Sun

Cro Magnon is the mother. And the father. 

OBS News

Sophia Rosing protest

Homo erectus upset. Ohio Active Club, Tennessee Active Club, and members of OBS affiliate Vinland Rebels visited the courthouse overseeing the case against Sophia Rosing.

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Based Florida aka. Sunshine State Nationalists

Southeast activists / Provocateurs

14 Heart

Networker / Activist / NatSoc

Dream Eskimo

Filmmaker / Racialist / Technocrat

Vinland Rebels

Nationwide racial activists

Weston Paradigm

Odysee.com streamer / NatSoc

NSM Australia

Australian NatSoc activists

     The black sun rises… We are moving out with the old, and in with the new forms. Our hearts, and our skin color are the solidifying uniform. The racialist resistance in this nation and beyond is rotten to its core, manipulated by the states’ institutions. The affiliates of this network have shown themselves as free thinking individuals/groups, with progress, power, and creation as their guiding principals, or at least that’s their consistent impact. The governing dynamics have been altered, and asymmetry is the only viability amongst the sweeping decline.